QTAKE 1.2.014, QTAKE Server 1.2 and QTAKE Monitor 2.5 now available

Please update your installations to QTAKE 1.2.014, QTAKE Server 1.2 and QTAKE Monitor 2.5.

New in QTAKE 1.2.014

  • Added QTAKE Rental Shop integration to License window
  • Improved QTAKE Streaming performance with QTAKE Monitor 2.5 or higher
  • New bi-directional TALKBACK with QTAKE Monitor 2.5 or higher
  • New AUTO SLIDER feature for MIX, WIPE and BLEND
  • New option to exclude image when linking MIX view effect
  • New remote XML command to read live clip data
  • Added negative PLAY SPEED values to allow reverse playback in PLAY SYNC
  • Added “None” selection to GPU OUT to allow “turning off” the output
  • Added low disk space warning for project media storage
  • Clip LIST layout is now saved for User, not for Project

Bug fixes in QTAKE 1.2.014

  • Fixed scrubbing
  • Fixed frame recording
  • Fixed playback stutter on the loop points
  • Fixed crash when deleting local project downloaded from QTAKE Server
  • Fixed project creation date when downloaded from QTAKE Server
  • Fixed crash with some text fields
  • Fixed crash with streaming
  • Fixed choppy audio with reverse playback
  • Fixed issues with deleting rehearsals
  • Fixed color picker to exclude OSD
  • Fixed ignored audio file format when rendering audio
  • Fixed resuming TALKBACK
  • Fixed clip duplicates when importing the same project
  • Fixed clip list refresh to show clips from active view camera
  • Fixed QTAKE Server download asking for upload password
  • Fixed patching when loading clips from the DOCK
  • Fixed Full_Range_Video preference change without restart
  • Fixed reusing SLATE number when returning to old SCENE
  • Fixed calculation of the next TAKE number when returning to old SCENE
  • Fixed duplicating sequences
  • Fixed occasional empty thumbnails after splitting sequence clips
  • Fixed sequence issues with imported clips
  • Fixed IN/OUT issues with mixed formats
  • Fixed views refresh when loading other user
  • Fixed relinking media from another machine
  • Fixed default sorting of project list
  • Fixed syncing of metadata of the remote clips
  • Fixed recording of black frames during loss of input for Deltacast cards
  • Fixed OSD timeline opacity
  • Fixed Independent H264 Path warning
  • Fixed Proxy AAC audio encoding compatibility
  • Fixed Proxy filename change
  • Fixed QTAKE Monitor MUTE settings
  • Fixed View FX Grid effect redraw
  • Fixed View FX Mix effect loading
  • Fixed Net Link TAKE transfer to Slave
  • Fixed deleting remote clips in the Browser
  • Fixed frame based metadata export with relinked clips
  • Fixed Live/Disk audio delay when using SDI audio input
  • Fixed handling of multiple license USB dongles
  • Fixed loading of 3D pair clips
  • Fixed false “Routing changed” warning from the Videohub
  • Fixed record start delay
  • Fixed offspeed playback using Preroll/Postroll preference
  • Fixed clip based video output
  • Fixed sending multiple in/out point clips to sequence
  • Fixed minor GUI issues

New in QTAKE Server 1.2

  • QTAKE Rental Shop integration
  • Password reset notifications with the option to accept a password from a device attempting to connect
  • Separate Roles tab with new predefined roles
  • Enhanced Users tab with an overview of connected devices, sortable by the Status column
  • Enhanced Devices tab with better status reporting
  • Clip filtering by collection in the Clips tab

New in QTAKE Monitor 2.5 (iOS)

  • New protocol delivers smooth streaming (requires QTAKE 1.2.014 or later)
  • Major streaming performance improvements
  • Bidirectional talkback with automatic ducking of other audio while talking
  • Live timecode in the toolbar (tap to copy to clipboard)
  • In-app settings (three-finger swipe up to access)


To download the latest releases, please contact us or your local reseller.
QTAKE Monitor 2.5 can be downloaded for free from the App Store.