QTAKE 1.2.012 available for download

Please update your installations to QTAKE 1.2.012.

New features

  • Improved OS X 10.11 El Capitan compatibility
  • Added batch PROXY rendering
  • Added strong password requirement for QTAKE Server security
  • Added support for 4Kp60 with Deltacast cards
  • Added preference to limit menu box area (GUI_Menu_Blocks_Limit=4 to 8)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crash on import from QTAKE XML
  • Fixed crash on SDI reading lens model from camera
  • Fixed crash with 32bit float audio when disconnecting inputs
  • Fixed crash when loading another clip with metadata field active
  • Fixed crash when deleting clips from sequence
  • Fixed playback pause when resetting IN/OUT range
  • Fixed IN/OUT range calculation for off-speed clips
  • Fixed off-speed playback of clips made from still image
  • Fixes sluggish scrubbing of the SEQUENCE
  • Fixed audio channel count selector for Deltacast cards
  • Fixed refresh of CLIP LIST after recording
  • Fixed pre-roll and post-roll mode issues
  • Fixed reverse audio playback
  • Fixed CGI loading in VIEW 2 with single cam QTAKE
  • Fixed scrubbing by dragging on the view
  • Fixed LUT processing in OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Fixed clearing GUI layouts
  • Fixed possible latency of auto-record
  • Fixed storing state of GPI buttons between restarts
  • Fixed change of clip speed during playback
  • Fixed transfer of CHAPTERS to SUB-CLIPS
  • Fixed storing of TALKBACK state between restarts
  • Fixed off-speed audio playback with PLAY SYNC
  • Fixed freeze in VIEW 2 when starting playback in VIEW 1
  • Fixed embedding USB audio to BMD output in Constant Playout
  • Fixed recording audio in Resolve compatible format
  • Fixed off-speed clips in the Sequence
  • Fixed dongle license issues
  • Fixed HDMI input with AJA IoXT/Io4K
  • Fixed handling of AJA cards used by other apps
  • Fixed sending clips TO SEQUENCE
  • Fixed syncing of SCENE/SHOT/TAKE between inputs
  • Fixed embedded timecode with OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Fixed QOD issues with OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Fixed display of input format in the RECORD button
  • Fixed CGI time slider
  • Fixed playback freeze when editing multi data
  • Fixed GUI issues with some monitor resolutions
  • Fixed sub-clip issues with clip effects
  • Fixed update of the SDI metadata in the META window
  • Fixed issues with frame stepping through the clip
  • Fixed ignoring alpha channel in ProRes 4444 clips
  • Fixed disappearing input text when using Alexa SDI data
  • Fixed stutter at loop point
  • Fixed streaming after changing project settings
  • Fixed issues with TechnoDolly units
  • Fixed editing and trimming issues
  • Fixed refresh of CLIP FX for sequence clips
  • Fixed QTAKE Videohub locking when using BMD app
  • Fixed saving database after deleting clips
  • Fixed FCPX sequence export
  • Fixed many other minor issues


To download release 1.2.012 contact us or your local reseller.