New Benefit of QTAKE Pro Plans: Hibernation

In the fast-paced world of video production, unexpected disruptions such as industry strikes or personal health issues can create significant challenges for everyone, including video operators. Recognizing the need for flexibility and support, we’re introducing QTAKE Plan Hibernation, a safety net for QTAKE Pro plan users.

QTAKE Plan Hibernation

While the future-proof feature set of QTAKE has got you covered on set, QTAKE Plan Hibernation has got you covered in the difficult times, providing you with added peace of mind. During your long-term work interruption due to any reason, be it a broken leg or a sabbatical, QTAKE Plan Hibernation will automatically extend your Pro plan by a month every time the virtual license pool hasn’t been used for a month. Learn more about how it works.


The QTAKE Plan Hibernation benefit will be continuously rolled out to user accounts over the next few days.

QTAKE Pro Plans

QTAKE Pro uses a licensing model with streaming to unlimited number of clients, custom-bundle discounts – which lowered the rental price in most cases when compared to the original 1.x rental prices, license activation & deactivation and long-term Pro plans. The 1-year and 3-years QTAKE Pro Plans are a cost-effective alternative to short-term QTAKE rentals. Check the QTAKE Pro calculator to compare the short-term and long-term rates. Moreover, customers who renew an existing QTAKE Pro plan before it expires, will get a 10% loyalty discount.


QTAKE Pro is the new platform of QTAKE Video Assist, built on the latest technologies. QTAKE Pro offers an amazing under-the-hood performance  thanks to native Apple Silicon and Metal support, while also introducing many new features, such as the industry-first forensic watermarking and ultimate on-set Dolby Vision® workflow – including Dolby Vision iCMU and new Dolby Vision playback modes; interpolated off-speed playback with smooth slow-motion simulation, instant playback while rolling, AJA ColorBox integration, SSO SSL 2.0, Arri Log C4 colorspace support, UI output and more.