QTAKE 1.3.004 Download Page for Dealers


  • OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite) or higher required, macOS 10.12.6 (Sierra) recommended
  • AJA driver 12.5.1, BMD driver 10.9.5, Deltacast driver 6.04


Regular versions for your clients (end-users):

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Please contact Tech Support for more information.

NFR versions for your internal use only:

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Please contact Tech Support for more information.


  • New dongle driver installer
  • New QOD firmware with USB-C support
  • Added streaming over internet (requires QTAKE Server license)
  • Added support for 4x AJA cards in QTAKE HDx4
  • Added GPU-OUT to Videohub Live Pass
  • Added support for single 4K GPU-OUT
  • Added switch to show processed thumbnails
  • Added VERTICAL mask and frame-lines
  • Added QOD temperature to STATUS Bar
  • Added storing expanded groups in the META window
  • Scaling GUI now works without restarting QTAKE
  • AUTO MUTE LIVE options moved to new popup window
  • Added ability to playback sequence in other rooms
  • Added TC Start, TC End and Duration to metadata fields
  • Added support for Mo-Sys StarTracker
  • Improved speed of deleting multiple clips
  • Added multiple clip selection using Shift and Cmd keys
  • Added multiple in/out range support for CGI clips
  • Added DEMUX option to non-3D GPU-OUT
  • Improved speed of media file check
  • Added button for sending a project link
  • Double click to start AUTO SLIDER, single click to stop it
  • Added support for LIVE clip selection in the LIST
  • Added possibility to use for F-keys as shortcuts
  • New clip function selector in the LIST window
  • Added support for BMD Desktop Video 10.9.5 drivers
  • Added support for BMD Videohub 6.3.3 drivers
  • Added support for two-finger horizontal scroll in the LIST
  • Added support for F-keys as shortcuts


  • Fixed known crashes
  • Fixed device names when using multiple audio interfaces
  • Fixed PLUS 3D from VIEW 2 and 4 when using SBS source
  • Fixed HUE field value change in the CHROMA KEY
  • Fixed SHOT field value change in the DATA menu box
  • Fixed display of SLATE in the Browser and OSD for UK slating
  • Fixed illegal characters in the screenshot filename
  • Fixed ALE export
  • Fixed timecode parsing from some QuickTime files
  • Fixed GPU-OUT for SBS source
  • Fixed SUB-TAKE redraw in the CLIP menu box
  • Fixed statistics display for CGI clips
  • Fixed input/output 2 for BMD Decklink Duo 2
  • Fixed live audio delay on Deltacast embedded audio
  • Fixed offspeed clips in the sequence
  • Fixed missing REGISTER button in the LICENSE window
  • Fixed AUTO SLIDER issues
  • Fixed issues with CURVES display in the FX window
  • Fixed AJA KUMO packets timeout
  • Fixed genlock switch to VIDEO IN when V-OUT is turned off
  • Fixed noise on the bottom of the AJA Kona 3G output
  • Fixed incorrect speed in the OSD when using reverse pulldown
  • Fixed PLAY SYNC with off-speed clips
  • Fixed audio output after closing the WEB view
  • Fixed randomly stopping LOOP playback
  • Fixed Free_Genlock_For_Playback for 2nd Kona LHi
  • Fixed illegal characters in QTAKE XML Export
  • Fixed GPU OUT in the STUDIO room
  • Fixed render proxy with some h264 source files
  • Fixed bad chapter positions during 1080p24 recording
  • Fixed reloading of RAMP clips
  • Fixed RAMP on subclips
  • Fixed UI when adding custom metadata choices
  • Fixed loading LUTs with uppercase filename extension
  • Fixed deleting rehearsals
  • Fixed playhead jump after editing in/out range
  • Fixed log window scroll size
  • Fixed subclips of remote clips
  • Fixed play sync of remote clips
  • Fixed shortcut for SEARCH field in the LIST window
  • Fixed 1080p59.94 input with BMD Decklink Quad 2
  • Fixed LIST window refresh after editing NOTE
  • Fixed empty source in the timecode track
  • Fixed EDL export of the STUDIO timeline
  • Fixed download progress for ProRes files
  • Fixed export to HD-only codecs
  • Fixed ALE export
  • Fixed timecode from RED camera proxy clips
  • Fixed unloading current project when deleting other project
  • Fixed Use_Free_Genlock_For_Playback for 2nd Kona LHi
  • Fixed random stop of the looping playback

Released on December 21, 2017