New release 1.2.010 available for download

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Dear QTAKE friends.

New release of QTAKE is now available for download.
To download release 1.2.010 contact your dealer or request the links at


  • Added OS X 10.11 El Capitan compatibility
  • Added CUT button to clip FX window
  • Added DOCK display mode with text over image


  • Fixed FCP7 Export compatibility issues with Adobe Premiere
  • Fixed duplicated frames rendering issues
  • Fixed H264 recording issues that could cause crash
  • Fixed crash while connecting to QTAKE Monitor
  • Fixed PLAY SYNC issues when using mixed frame rates
  • Fixed relinking to clips exported as QTAKE XML with DATA ONLY option
  • Fixed missing CODEC info on some imported clips
  • Fixed disappearing BACK button in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed media download from QTAKE Server
  • Fixed issues  project from QTAKE Server
  • Fixed missing shortcuts for some GUI controls
  • Fixed META window issues
  • Fixed DOCK issues in the EDIT room
  • Fixed entering TRIM mode while playing back
  • Fixed in/out reset when not in USE RANGE mode
  • Fixed PLAY SYNC looping when not in USE RANGE mode
  • Fixed frame advance issues in PLAY SYNC mode
  • Fixed missing SLATE field in EDIT MULTIDATA window
  • Fixed syncing of SLATE value between master and slave QTAKE
  • Fixed on-screen scrubbing in the single view mode
  • Fixed generating H264 proxies for imported audio-only clips
  • Fixed refresh of the remote projects
  • Fixed scrolling of the clip LIST window with remote clips
  • Fixed disabling mirroring when using QOD
  • Removed confusing OSD status in H264 proxy clips
  • Fixed UPSCALE 1080 issues with video out
  • Fixed PLAY SYNC issues with still image
  • Fixed RENDER issues with still image
  • Fixed EDIT issues with still image
  • Fixed switching system audio device to avoid AJA conflicts
  • Fixed remote clients approval being carried over to new project
  • Fixed creating H264 proxies for rendered clips


Please contact your dealer or IN2CORE’s tech support.