New release 1.2.006 available for download

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Dear QTAKE friends.

New release of QTAKE is now available for download.
To download release 1.2.006 contact your dealer or request the links at


  • Added separate, customisable watermarks for copyright and client name


  • Fixed possible crash with talkback audio
  • Fixed possible crash when initialising hardware
  • Fixed disabling VIDEO OUT in constant playout
  • Fixed playback not responding in FULLSCREEN after using BROWSE
  • Fixed embedding USB audio input in constant playout
  • Fixed Chapter name display during recording
  • Fixed streaming of upscaled SD video
  • Fixed rendering and screenshots of upscaled SD video
  • Fixed QTAKE operator permissions set by QTAKE Server
  • Fixed AJA Kumo excessive warnings
  • Fixed license expiration warning
  • Fixed incorrect record sync in STUDIO room
  • Fixed STUDIO timeline scaling with retina resolution monitors
  • Fixed Vectorscope zoom when using full range video
  • Fixed live streaming of view 3 and 4 in EDIT room


Please contact your dealer or IN2CORE’s tech support.