New release 1.2.012 available for download

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Dear QTAKE friends.

New release of QTAKE is now available for download.
To download release 1.2.012 contact your dealer or request the links at

All users of QTAKE Server with weak or no passwords will have to change their passwords to strong ones.


  • Improved OS X 10.11 El Capitan compatibility
  • Added batch PROXY rendering
  • Added strong password requirement for QTAKE Server security
  • Added support for 4Kp60 with Deltacast cards
  • Added preference to limit menu box area (GUI_Menu_Blocks_Limit=4 to 8)


  • Fixed crash on import from QTAKE XML
  • Fixed crash on SDI reading lens model from camera
  • Fixed crash with 32bit float audio when disconnecting inputs
  • Fixed crash when loading another clip with metadata field active
  • Fixed crash when deleting clips from sequence
  • Fixed playback pause when resetting IN/OUT range
  • Fixed IN/OUT range calculation for off-speed clips
  • Fixed off-speed playback of clips made from still image
  • Fixes sluggish scrubbing of the SEQUENCE
  • Fixed audio channel count selector for Deltacast cards
  • Fixed refresh of CLIP LIST after recording
  • Fixed pre-roll and post-roll mode issues
  • Fixed reverse audio playback
  • Fixed CGI loading in VIEW 2 with single cam QTAKE
  • Fixed scrubbing by dragging on the view
  • Fixed LUT processing in OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Fixed clearing GUI layouts
  • Fixed possible latency of auto-record
  • Fixed storing state of GPI buttons between restarts
  • Fixed change of clip speed during playback
  • Fixed transfer of CHAPTERS to SUB-CLIPS
  • Fixed storing of TALKBACK state between restarts
  • Fixed off-speed audio playback with PLAY SYNC
  • Fixed freeze in VIEW 2 when starting playback in VIEW 1
  • Fixed embedding USB audio to BMD output in Constant Playout
  • Fixed recording audio in Resolve compatible format
  • Fixed off-speed clips in the Sequence
  • Fixed dongle license issues
  • Fixed HDMI input with AJA IoXT/Io4K
  • Fixed handling of AJA cards used by other apps
  • Fixed sending clips TO SEQUENCE
  • Fixed syncing of SCENE/SHOT/TAKE between inputs
  • Fixed embedded timecode with OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Fixed QOD issues with OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Fixed display of input format in the RECORD button
  • Fixed CGI time slider
  • Fixed playback freeze when editing multi data
  • Fixed GUI issues with some monitor resolutions
  • Fixed sub-clip issues with clip effects
  • Fixed update of the SDI metadata in the META window
  • Fixed issues with frame stepping through the clip
  • Fixed ignoring alpha channel in ProRes 4444 clips
  • Fixed disappearing input text when using Alexa SDI data
  • Fixed stutter at loop point
  • Fixed streaming after changing project settings
  • Fixed issues with TechnoDolly units
  • Fixed editing and trimming issues
  • Fixed refresh of CLIP FX for sequence clips
  • Fixed QTAKE Videohub locking when using BMD app
  • Fixed saving database after deleting clips
  • Fixed FCPX sequence export
  • Fixed many other minor issues

Please contact your dealer or IN2CORE’s tech support.