New release 1.2.008 available for download

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Dear QTAKE friends.

New release of QTAKE is now available for download.
To download release 1.2.008 contact your dealer or request the links at


  • Improved PATCH now includes disk patching by input number


  • Fixed talkback functionality
  • Fixed issues with linked QTAKE systems
  • Fixed crash when opening server project with no approval
  • Fixed crash when setting QOD resolution
  • Fixed importing of chapters from QTAKE XML
  • Fixed selection of storage when importing from QTAKE
  • Fixed export to file with native size and LUT applied
  • Fixed export to FCP XML and AVID ALE
  • Fixed thumbnails of subclips created during recording
  • Fixed offsets and in/out points when recording mixed formats
  • Fixed rendered subclip marked as subclip with no master clip
  • Fixed entering multiple choices for metadata item
  • Fixed refresh of the Videohub inputs when using Groups
  • Fixed entering HIT value with regular keyboard
  • Fixed saving/restoring of DOCK display mode
  • Fixed refresh of the LIST browser after deleting clips
  • Fixed different in/out points of the same clip in multiple viewers
  • Fixed copying view effects when using Send To Composite
  • Fixed change of the camera model from the project window
  • Fixed BACK button in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed using GUI in the mirrored mode
  • Fixed GUI when using 5K resolution
  • Fixed minor GUI issues


Please contact your dealer or IN2CORE’s tech support.