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The most comprehensive place to get familiar with QTAKE is the user manual.
You can find it in the Docs folder of the QTAKE Application.

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What are the limitations of the trial version?
QTAKE trial period lasts for 21 days following the installation. The trial version has all modules enabled, but it is limited to a maximum of 30 video clips per project and a maximum of 60 seconds per clip. It can be installed on any number of computers, for the sole purpose of evaluating QTAKE (no commercial use). Please note the QTAKE application is only available in English language.
What happens when my 21-days period is over?
If you are happy with the software and would like to convert the trial version into the commercial version, please contact to purchase the QTAKE license. Do not worry, the data collected during the trial period will be retained. If you need more time to evaluate QTAKE, you can create new macOS administrator user account and reinstall the application. If do not wish to continue using QTAKE, you can uninstall it by dragging the QTAKE application folder to the Trash.
How do I convert trial into the full version?
Please contact to purchase a QTAKE license.
Can I also try QTAKE Server?
Absolutely! In order to run QTAKE Server, you need a working QTAKE software (either the trial or commercial version). To learn more and to request the trial version, please visit the QTAKE Server website.
How can I stream to my iPad?
If your video assist operator is running QTAKE with STREAM module, then all you need to do is to download, install and run the QTAKE Monitor app. It is free and available on the Apple App Store.

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