New release 1.2.018 available for download

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We have just released QTAKE 1.2.018.
To download the latest release, please contact your dealer or request the links at

Keep your QTAKE system up-to-date, especially if you are a QOD or QOD+ owner.
Only QTAKE 1.2.018 or higher can be used to update the firmware correctly.


  • Added new QOD / QOD+ firmware (requires OS X Yosemite to upgrade QOD)
  • Added warning for unsupported video card driver version
  • Duration in LIST is now displayed in TC instead of frames
  • Added support for BMD Decklink Quad 2


  • Fixed occasional crashes
  • Fixed timecode recording
  • Fixed LTC timecode input accuracy
  • Fixed unstable 1080p23.976 input with Deltacast video cards
  • Fixed audio output sync issues with non-constant playout
  • Fixed noise in the talkback audio output
  • Fixed play sync with the same clip
  • Fixed audio meter with USB input devices
  • Fixed Sony record flag with Kona 4
  • Fixed OSD duration when using sources with no timecode
  • Fixed 10-bit processing in legal range mode
  • Fixed playhead setting to IN mark with offspeed clips
  • Fixed 3D playback in EDIT room
  • Fixed Talkback when using Deltacast video cards
  • Fixed Talkback when changing talkback device
  • Fixed ARRI Amira auto-recording with Deltacast
  • Fixed camera media filename readout for ARRI Alexa Mini
  • Fixed GPU OUT of the program view in STUDIO room
  • Fixed Frame Recording for non-AJA video cards
  • Fixed shifted colors with still mix image
  • Fixed UI performance issues


Contact your dealer or IN2CORE’s tech support.