Immediate availability of QTAKE Server 1.3

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Be prepared and upgrade your QTAKE Server installation immediately. QTAKE 1.3 and QTAKE Monitor 3.0 releases will be coming out in a short time and will not be compatible with previous QTAKE Server releases. To download QTAKE Server 1.3, please contact your dealer or request the links at


  • Under-the-hood security improvements: project and server links allow clients to establish a secure connection to the server
  • User login: a new approval-based system for project upload replaces server/upload passwords
  • Media and metadata upload to (Pro module required)
  • PDF Reports: with fully customizable templates synced with QTAKE
  • Private projects: only visible to users who clicked or scanned the project link via QR code
  • Option to disable Bonjour
  • Create projects directly in QTAKE Server (DIT module required)
  • Improved media upload and download progress reporting

Please note the current releases of QTAKE and QTAKE Monitor cannot take advantage of some of the new security features such as project and server links.


QTAKE Server is an application that provides independent playback and metadata editing on iOS devices. It can run on your QTAKE machine and use your existing WiFi network to serve recorded clips to the QTAKE Monitor application. Learn more.

QTAKE Monitor turns your iPad or iPhone into the thinnest, lightest and most advanced wireless monitor. It is an iOS application that lets any approved crew member watch live streaming from QTAKE and access recorded clips and metadata from QTAKE Server. QTAKE Monitor 3.0 is coming out in Q4/2016. Watch the sneak peek video: